Artist Spotlight: Greg in Good Company

While developing the idea for this blog, I tweeted my contact form out to see if any artists would let me showcase their work (even though I still hadn’t even come up with a blog name). Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting to hear much of anything right away, but only a few minutes later I received an email from Greg Gilman about his band – Greg in Good Company. Sitting there and listening to Greg in Good Company’s debut EP was the first time I had the thought, “This was a really good idea”.


Greg in Good Company is based out of California, and comprised of singer/songwriter Greg Gilman, drummer Perry Ostrin, bassist Alex U’Ren, lead guitarist Marty Vites, and pianist/vocalist Lee.

The first thing that struck me about this band was that I couldn’t define their genre – which is exactly what JaxxShack is all about. Greg in Good Company has a unique sound that blends each member’s individual musical style and taste, amplified by the fact that their ages range from 26-50. While a rock band at heart, they’re also funky with touches of folk, country, and ska, wrapped up with that pop appeal bow.

Are we rock, pop, alternative, folk? I’m not sure, honestly, and we don’t care to ever worry about trying to fit into a specific genre. We just want to make good music for good people that hopefully connect with the lyrics and love catchy melodies.
– Greg Gilman to JaxxShack

Their debut EP (produced by Mitchell Haueszer of HAUS Music in Studio City, LA, and mastered by bassist Alex U’Ren) is a well-rounded selection of songs that each stand out on their own. Greg’s lyrics are honest, funny, and insightful, and his voice is completely complimented by Lee’s. From the *spirited* “Get Laid,” to the thoughtful “That Girl’s a Star,” each member shines individually while the group remains undeniably cohesive.

I’ll definitely be on the lookout for their next music video, which will be going into production shortly. For now, I’ll just have to watch this hysterical video another 27 times (someone…save me…):

Where to find more:

Make sure to check Greg in Good Company out on Thursday, April 21st at State Social House in Hollywood, California!

Twitter: @GreginGoodCo
Instagram: @Greg_in_Good_Company

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