Artist Spotlight: Robbie Rosen

What were you doing at 22 years old? Had you already been in the Top 16 of American Idol, debuted at #16 on Italy’s iTunes Dance Charts, watched your original song be featured throughout March Madness on CBS, or opened up for Shawn Mendes, Jake Miller, Karmin, Aaron Carter, or Cassadee Pope?

No?! Obviously. Because you are not musical-phenom-slash-nicest-person-EVER: Robbie Rosen.

Robbie Rosen is the real deal. He’s a singer, songwriter, and pianist out of New York, and I continue to be amazed the more I hear his music. He has such a command over his powerful voice it seems as if there’s no song in existence that he couldn’t pull off. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Robbie perform twice, and he brings a presence rarely seen in this era – and as a bonus, he actually sounds just as great live as he does recorded.

I write to inspire. Every single song I writeJaxxShack artist spotlight Robbie Rosen has a message. Whether it’s an emotional song about love, or an upbeat, happy-go-lucky dance tune, I always try to incorporate a message that people can take with them and use in their day-to-day lives.
– Robbie Rosen to JaxxShack

While he’s not touring nationally, performing at prestigious charities, or winning a ton of songwriting awards because he’s just an insane songwriter – Robbie finds time to meet with students for voice, songwriting, and piano coaching (with a really great record of student success in their own audition ventures).

Check him out with some faces you might recognize:


Where to find more:

Twitter: @RobbieRosenLive
Instagram: @RobbieRosenLive

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