Artist Spotlight: Andrew Iovino (NativeWave Music)

Let’s talk production. Specifically: SERIOUSLY INSANE Producer/Composer/Sound Designer, Andrew Iovino (NativeWave Music). This is definitely one you’re going to want to hear for yourself.

Andrew started as a guitarist, but eventually developed a passion and knack for producing his own music. He now specializes in electronic music production and composition for visual media – which is great for all of us, because now we get to listen to music like this.

With influences from electronic, synth-pop, hip-hop, dub, and trap music, Andrew’s tracks are all extremely inspired and multi-dimensional. He doesn’t use cheap tricks to grab or keep your attention – because he doesn’t have to. Each track embodies a journey that makes you eager to hear what’s coming next in the most sophisticated way.

Where to find more:

Twitter: @Native_Wave_Music
Instagram: @Native_Wave_Music


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