The Rolling Stones Song You Haven’t Heard

The Rolling Stones album Aftermath is a staple for music nights at our place. Actually, it was in the first group of vinyls we ever picked up – and it’s stayed at the top of the pile ever since (figuratively, since you should never stack your vinyls on top of one another).

On first listen-through I stopped in my tracks when “I Am Waiting” started playing. It was delicate and light – a stark departure from the energized, bass-centric likes of It’s Not Easy and Under My Thumb.

When we hit the chorus I almost fell off the couch (that’s dramatic, but I definitely did that dog head-tilt that I tend to do when I hear something interesting). This song had that gut-punch you find once in every thousand songs. And as soon as it hits, it descends right into that subdued second verse. (Spoiler: And then that happens all over again).

I’m not quite sure what the song is about, nor does it seem to matter. What matters more to me is finding out how this song slipped through the cracks. This track gets a good 2-3 replays every time it hits our record player.

Go ahead – try to listen just once. Let me know what you think below!

Enjoy this track?

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Photo Cred: Hugo van Gelderen (ANEFO) gahetNA (Nationaal Archief NL) Aankomst van de Rolling Stones op Schiphol, Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, Fotocollectie Anefo, 916-7420.

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