3 Artists That Rock a Live Show


Rival Sons. In February I went to see Black Sabbath (yes, it was amazing – yes, Ozzy can still sing) and was absolutely blown away by the direct support band, Rival Sons. These guys were a powerhouse of blues rock, and took over Madison Square Garden within seconds of stepping on stage. They also replied to my tweet, so that’s cool.


Allen Stone. I worked an Allen Stone show last year, and my only regret was not taking off to watch and enjoy the show (any set that includes a horn section has me sold). After buying his album that night it was the only CD I listened to in my car for almost a month.


Bernhoft. Ok, I’m kind of cheating here using two artists from the same show since Bernhoft opened for Allen Stone (above), but he definitely deserves his own shout out. I can’t explain this. Just watch the video.



Enjoy these artists?

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