Artist Spotlight: James Holt

Remember when Paul McCartney played every single instrument on his debut solo album McCartney? I don’t, because it was released exactly 46 years and 1 day ago, and I was about 20 years too late to the party. BUT, Manchester’s James Holt is releasing his sophomore EP, Sanguine On The Rocks, next Friday, April 29th – on which he composed, sang, played each instrument, recorded, and mixed each song all by himself. Moreover, Holt was born with bilateral hearing loss – talk about resilience in the face of adversity.

At only 23 years old, James Holt delivers sounds we (figuratively, again) haven’t heard in 40 years. He is extremely easy to listen to, and his jazz and classical roots are apparent.  He gives us a fresh take on classic pop-rock out of the UK, frequently being compared to another Beatle: John Lennon. I personally hear an overwhelming similarity to Bob Dylan in his voice. My opinion? I’d rather listen to James Holt. Artist Spotlight James Holt

Make sure to support James Holt at one of his upcoming shows if you’re in the UK:
21 April – The Railway, Didsbury
29 April – Kings Arms (full-band show), Salford *EP launch show*
12 May – Castlefield Food And Drink Festival (full-band show), Manchester
1 June – Sage Gateshead, Newcastle

Where to find more:

Twitter: @jamesholtmusic


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