Artist Spotlight: Richard Lomax

They say that the best writers write at a 6th grade level, so that most people can digest the material without wading through flowery and unnecessary descriptions. I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle with making my writing entirely palatable, but after listening to Richard Lomax’s lyrics, I’m not convinced that this is always the best route.

Manchester’s Richard Lomax brings his songwriting to a new level by penning poetic, reflective lyrics. I was expecting something very different from his new single, Weapons Of Mass Destruction, based just off of the name. After pressing play and bracing for a screaming voice over a mess of noise, I was pleasantly surprised by the song’s controlled and rhythmic introduction. Once I had listened through to the first chorus, I found myself pretty amused by the juxtaposition of the song’s name with the actual topic: love.

Straightforward logic doesn’t do justice to the sheer visceral thrilling terror of falling in love (or in lust). ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’ was in-part inspired through science as our bodies react to the floods of chemicals that sex can produce which can be confused (or indeed be described) as ‘love’.
– Richard Lomax

For all of our friends in the UK, make sure to catch Richard Lomax at one of his upcoming shows:
21 April – Sofar Sounds, SHEFFIELD
13 May – The Ferret, PRESTON
15 May – Tap & Barrel, PONTEFRACT

Where to find more:

Twitter: @LomaxRichard


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