Artist Spotlight: Justin Sosa

When I listen to artist submissions I typically just glance at their description of their own sound and aim to develop my own opinion. Music is subjective, and I find that I often hear influences from various styles and genres in every artist’s music – many times in a single song. But, Justin Sosa has mastered the art of defining his own sound so succinctly I couldn’t have put it better myself: Americana-infused, new wave tinged, alternative rock.

After growing up with an appreciation for music (major influences including Elvis Presley and the various artists out of Motown Records), Justin Sosa started writing music at the age of 15. He recorded and distributed homemade demos throughout high school and college, and attended every open mic he could find on the University of Illinois campus. Oh, and you know that crazy thing that musicians do – relocate to LA solely to pursue a music career? Justin did that in 2007.

Justin Sosa Music BlogThe music comes directly from the heart.  My only goal is to connect with the listener in a deep, meaningful way.  By doing that we are sharing a special moment together.  And that’s really what it’s all about: the moments we share with each other.
– Justin Sosa to JaxxShack

Sosa’s “A Change” (above) is a musical metamorphosis in just under 12 minutes. The meek outset steadily crescendos before halting completely to shift gears into a brighter sound that culminates with a finale of gospel proportions. (Yes, that did sound super pretentious, but there’s no other way to describe the song to do it justice.)

Make sure you check out the rest of Justin Sosa’s album, Change, on BandCamp – the album is a “pay what you want” download, so there’s no excuse not to!

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