Artist Spotlight: The Artificial Spring

The most interesting show I’ve ever seen was Ben Folds performing with yMusic. Music genius aside, Ben Folds has successfully replaced the guitar with a piano in his various bands to create rock music with more depth and agility than we typically see with the standard drum-bass-guitar lineup. The Artificial Spring, fronted by keyboardist Sean Embry-Stine, embraces this guitar/keyboard swap and strong pop overtones resulting in a “Ben Folds meets A Great Big World” sound.

Newly formed three-piece band The Artificial Spring is essentially a creative songwriting project for LA’s Sean Embry-Stine. After playing keyboard in multiple indie bands in his area, Sean decided to expand his “guitar-on-the-piano” concept into a full band, where he could also focus on his passion for songwriting. Even though they’re brand new, the band plans on releasing a full-length album this summer.

“We have songs about love, friendship, heartbreak, and growing up, just like any rock band. But I like to think our sound, with its emphasis on keyed instrument sounds and strong, dynamic melodies combined with honest, straightforward lyrics, offers something a little bit different. ”
– Sean Embry-Stine to JaxxShack

I’ve Found It To Be True is frustratingly catchy, especially at the bridge (which I can’t stop singing after listening to the track). Their new single, Roses All The Time, displays Sean’s wide stylistic range both on the keyboard and songwriting.

What do you think of The Artificial Spring’s piano centric sound? Let us know below!

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6 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: The Artificial Spring

  1. I’m prejudiced in favor of this talented musician. I paid for and drove him to his piano lessons, bought his viola, went to every school concert, and even played a duet at one of his piano recitals. I am his father and was his English teacher in his Waldorf high school in Sacramento, and his way with words is incredible. Thank you for this review. (He never calls, he never writes, so I didn’t know about the summer album. Thanks for the heads up!)


  2. Sean is great! I have know him and his family over four years. I have heard Sean’s music grow over that time. He is writing some very nice music. I look forward to hearing him play again on his mothers piano.


      1. He was writing great songs in High School too. I love some of his older songs maybe he could bring back a few.


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