JaxxShack Picks: Week of May 9th, 2016

Mama Knows – Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds. Love Sister Sparrow’s bluesy sound and raspy undertones. If you like this, you NEED to listen to her flawless version of Bridge Over Troubled Water. I’m probably 13k of it’s 13,900 views on YouTube.

Cilver – I’m America. The female led rock band Cilver hits hard with this anthemic powerhouse track off of their new album Not The End Of The World. They’re the rock group you’ve been looking for: clean production without that dude that tries way too hard to sound grunge and the guitarist that wants to overpower the rest of the band with his sweet licks.

Leon Bridges – Pull Away. You may have heard his track Coming Home which was one of the most viral tracks on Spotify, and Pull Away is not a stark departure from that Motown sound. Ironically, (Leon must be very confused) the tracks have completely opposite messages, but sound like extensions of the same song.

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