Artist Spotlight: Rent Party Troubadours

So just in case you were wondering, as I was, what the hell a troubadour is – this is for you:

trou·ba·dour noun: a French medieval lyric poet composing and singing in Provençal in the 11th to 13th centuries, especially on the theme of courtly love.
synonyms: minstrel, singer, balladeer, poet, bard; “a band of wandering troubadours”

Troubadours in NYC is a fantastic visual.

Rent Party Troubadours formed in 2013 with Stan Pyrzanowski as acting songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist, Brian Parkhill on bass, and Jay Sayers on drums. Their debut album, “Radio Blackout,” was released in March 2015, and piqued the interest of tons of internet radio stations, as well as earning them a spot on the TV show “RAW Music”. They play regular live shows around New York City, and are currently working on developing a national tour. Music Blog Artist Spotlight Rent Party Troubadours

RPT takes that comfortable classic sound and mixes it up with modern touches. Strong influences of Neil Young and Tom Petty fill out their classic rock and Americana vibe. Then, unexpectedly, you pick up injections of fresh blues, funk, and pop muses; Golden Groove immediately screams Alabama Shakes, and FYI (Everybody Knows Your High) feels as if it could have been another track on Greg In Good Company’s EP.

Speaking of FYI (Everybody Knows Your High), the track was featured on the indie film “For 20” (420…get it?…), and it should be on main stream radio right now. Not only is it insanely catchy with lyrics that anyone could memorize the first time around, but the music and production are really well done – probably the best on the album. I cannot get the damn song out of my head.

Let us know what you think about Rent Party Troubadours in the comments below!

Where to find more:

Album, Radio Blackout: Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, and Spotify



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