Artist Spotlight: Unparalleled Height

We look everywhere to uncover interesting and talented new artists from around the world. Sometimes we spend hours searching every corner of the internet for a great fit, and sometimes a great band just sends us a DM on Twitter about a radio contest that they’re participating in. Unparalleled Height earned our vote.

Unparalleled Height was formed in 2011 by four childhood friends, and picked up two more members along the way to complete the six-piece metal band:  CJ Masciantonio (lead guitar), David Kelly (lead vocals), Tyler Larkin (guitar/vocals), Josh Willis (guitar), Marshall Boy (bass), and Justin Welling (drums). The band has already released an independent album that debuted at #25 on the iTunes metal charts. Their upcoming second album contains contributions from Grammy-nominated producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland. They’ve had their newest single Embrace the Storm featured on multiple television spots. They’ve toured nationally. They’re pretty damn talented. music blog Spotlight Artist Unparalleled Height

It is all too common to hear metal bands that resort to turning the volume all the way up to make nothing other than a lot of noise. Unparalleled Height doesn’t feel the need to mask incompetence in this way, mainly because they’re nowhere near incompetent. Each member is a proficient musician, and they feature strong, unaltered, trained vocals by David Kelly.  The individual elements of their music are easily discernible, and work together incredibly cohesively. It’s easy to see why Embrace the Storm has been released as a single with its multiple layers that appeal to an audience broader than just the metal scene.  Also, check out their awesome new music video:

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Where to find more:

Instagram: @unparalleledheight


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