JoeJoeKeys: What the Funk!

Last Saturday night, I celebrated the engagement of two really great friends at a gem of a spot in NYC: Howl at the Moon Dueling Piano Bar. I was not paid to write about them, I’m just absolutely stunned at the level of talent that was on stage. Anything you wanted to hear – from the popular 90’s hits, to singles that were released last week, to the most obscure Disney song – this group of brilliantly gifted musicians played flawlessly & with infectious energy. I left without a voice from scream-singing RENT & Bruno Mars songs (I feel you judging), and exhausted from dancing for 3 hours straight. Recommend.

It’s obviously the Week of the Piano (that has to be some astrological *thing*, right?), because I had already planned to write about the talented, funky, and business savvy Mr. JoeJoeKeys. It’s about time we had a little funk infusion on JaxxShack.

It’s completely apparent from the lyrics in each of his songs that JoeJoeKeys has a sincere passion for music. His rhythms vary from song to song while still maintaining that funky groove that just makes you want to dance. He reminds me of one of my favorite under-the-radar artists, Allen Stone, but with a bit more aggressive instrumental construction behind him. (Also) recommend.

I am totally independent. All my music is written and produced by moi.
– JoeJoeKeys to JaxxShack

I thought I was busy; JoeJoeKeys is not only a self-produced/engineered/promoted musician, he’s also a full time piano teacher at the Rochester Academy of Music & Arts, and founder & operator of the digital music service, Indie Music Plus. Most recently, he released the album Payin’ 4 Yesterday, as well as the single, SpaceTimer (above). But JoeJoeKeys also has quite a bit of previous industry experience: he’s toured the US as a member of LP Outsiders (LPO), a group that played direct support to 98 Degrees on the Disney Channel, and secured a spot on the “Three to Tango” soundtrack with the song Lint in my Pockets. Joe has also played shows that touted artists such as Joan Jett, P.O.D., Vitamin C, and The Roots.

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