Brooklyn & a Banjo: The Johannas

Talent is talent. One of the reasons that I founded JaxxShack is to expose the fact that an artist who records their original song on an iPhone voice memo application is, almost 100% of the time, much more interesting & passionate than the over-produced studio artifact. Money buys a staff of people & auto-tune (hey, J-Lo), but it will never buy organic, transparent, and raw talent. There are so many hidden gems out in the world, yet we listen to the same songs on the radio so often that we know the words even if we can’t stand the song. Don’t get me wrong – I love me some Britney Spears. But when someone pours their heart and soul into their music, we’re committed paying attention, even when it feels like no one else is.

So that organic, transparent, and raw talent we were talking about?: Joe Terrell and Hannah Thompson (no relation) came together in 2011 to form The Johannas. This portmanteau of their names just seemed like a fun and clever way to represent themselves as a songwriting duo, but after listening through their first album, A Place You Have Prepared For Me, I realized it actually speaks to and embodies their southern folk sound. In fact, Joe’s haunting tone and Hannah’s vocal inflection, which balances on the edge of a ragtime croon, create a quietly powerful musical blend. The inclusion of the banjo and harmonica in The Johanna’s music makes them stand out, and also allows the music to sing for itself in many instances.

After releasing their first album, The Johannas picked up a few new members, Sam Tocci & Charlie Perry, previously of Crisco Dreams, and started working on a new album: Get Ugly. The first single off of this album, Your Own Health, brings a melancholy approach to a more developed sound.

When we write music we do our best to portray our less flattering elements with a sense of humor and self-deprecation.
– The Johannas to JaxxShack

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