Can We Make This Any Louder? Artist Spotlight: The Evening Shades

Familiarity of a home grown band, with the polish of something much bigger

The Evening Shades bring a playful wit to their lyrics, use subtle vocal manipulation to add texture to their songs, and clearly draw from various musical influences.

Can We Make This Any Louder – This quasi-ballad from The Evening Shades captures the listener’s attention with a unique structure and clever variances in tempo. The band masters the art of musical drama when the haunting guitar picking is interrupted by a climactic upswing, immediately followed by an abrupt re-transitioning breakdown. This is a song that begs to be played at a live venue. Funnily enough, I was so taken by this song that I started it from the beginning every time it ended because each time I heard something new and interesting. What I missed by doing that for the first few play-throughs was the candid recording of one of the band members musing “I think that’s the one,” a few seconds after the final notes die out. I, too, think this is the one.

Can’t Afford to Die – A dynamic vocal performance riddled with inflections reminiscent of Bradley Nowell, Billie Joe, and Hendrix (but still largely Thales) guides this display of spirited defiance. Just when the song seems to close it comes back to life, eventually pulling in the bass as the song’s heartbeat – a clever symbolic tie-in to the message of the song. Or am I looking too far into things, again?

Other notable tracks include Here and Now & It’s All About You. This is a band I’d love to see live.

Meet the band

The Evening Shades – formed in December of 2012 in Rogue Valley, Oregon.

  • Lead vocals/rhythm guitar: Markus Thales (also has an aptitude for voice imitation)
  • Keys/bass/backup vocals: Matthew Tayvis (expert solo pianist, and kick ass soccer player)
  • Lead Guitar/back up vocals: Sam Kovic (sword smith that travels the world to swordfight?!)
  • Drums/percussion: Justen Neilsen (studied at the Music Institute in L.A., final piece of the Evening Shades puzzle)

Their second album is set to release at the end of this year, but they’ve already got some impressive gigs on their resume. Most notably, opening for 3 Doors Down to a sold out venue.

“What really sets us apart is our unique blend of professionalism, humor, talent, and absolute dedication to and belief in what we are doing.”

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