Barbarella Blue: Retro Bombshell

Mango Potion EP – Barbarella Blue

Breaking it down

Barbarella Blue, the stunning songstress from New Orleans, instantly hits you with an Amy Winehouse vibe on her single, “Mango Potion” where a reggae groove meets her jazzy vocals. And while this helps to fill the hole in our hearts left by Amy (RIP, girl), Barbarella shows range within her EP, proving that she’s not a copycat act.

Barbarella Blue JaxxShack Music Blog

I don’t know about you, but “Rainy Day” brings me to a place that I want to be every single day of my life – as long as that place also includes books and pit bull cuddles. Her songwriting echoes the sentiments of every one of us at one time or another, and somehow has me wishing away this gorgeous NY fall weather for a crappy, rainy Saturday.

“Film Star” gives us an interesting insight into her pop-rock inclinations. I almost want to pull a bit more, because I have a strong feeling she could really be a badass knockout in this genre (a la No Doubt, Paramore).

Fun facts from Barbarella Blue

  • I am a licensed cosmetologist. I did hair for NFL cheerleaders at the football games.
  • I am extremely afraid of elevators.
  • I love animals!!!
  • I’m way shorter than people usually think. I’m 5’2”.
  • I love sci­fi movies.

Barbarella Blue JaxxShack Music Blog

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