Music lovers don’t listen to the radio. Today’s radio embraces endless loops of the same 5 mainstream songs, and appeals to the “casual listener”.

Those who love music not only discover new sounds, they create their own. From the artist to the audiophile, music is the richest part of life. JaxxShack aims to highlight new musicians, new sounds, and the widely under-recognized talent of independent artists everywhere.

As musicians, writers, and producers, we influence and inspire one another far more than we realize. As such, you’ll also find articles on underappreciated tracks from some of the larger artists and albums from the past, because music never expires.

Bringing the coffee shops, record stores, and open mic nights of the world to you.


To find out about being showcased on JaxxShack :

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I stumbled upon his site while looking for a job on craigslist for a bass player, after checking it out it appears to be the perfect place if I am able to, to accomplish my goal of lauching my music to the public ear


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