Lumos Lights Up Soul-Pop

Classically trained Alexa Jaye & Legna Cedillo have combined their powerhouse vocals to form the Brooklyn based soul-pop duo Lumos. In an industry over-saturated with characters and gimmicks, Lumos ambitiously strives to create music that speaks louder than any fabricated brand.

After meeting in 2009 while singing in the choir at the University of Kansas, Alexa and Legna became quick friends, and eventually roommates. Their undeniable vocal abilities soon attracted the urgings of friends for them to combine their talents, and in 2015 Lumos was officially formed.

Lumos’s debut EP, Only Wonder, is a collection of soaring female vocals

Lumos JaxxShack Music Blog Artist Spotlight

Entertain: The EP’s opening track is an immediate introduction to the commanding aptitude of Alexa and Legna. They do not hold anything back for the sake of the buildup – they get straight to the point. By introducing themselves in this way their passion is both clearly apparent and infectious.

Flames & Run: These tracks provide welcome moments of soulful softness, and this variance in style provides a new layer of emotion and ability.

Stars: A highlight on this EP. “Stars” utilizes restraint in a way that makes the track inexplicably powerful. A carefully choreographed chorus of vocal runs is both playful and motivational. Every time I played this track I turned it up a bit more and more – something I haven’t been inspired to do in a while.

Supernatural: A feisty and fun track that’s stylistically reminiscent of Jessie J’s “Bang Bang” fused with a little blues rock. This would be a showstopper live.

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“2AM” – Greg In Good Company
Director: Andrew E. Cahill
Director of Photography: Bella Gonzales

Those of you who’ve been following JaxxShack since our launch in April will undoubtedly remember one of our very first spotlight artists, Greg In Good Company. Today, we are thrilled to debut the official music video for “2AM” – another gem of a track off of their EP [Get the EP here]. Let us know what you think below!

By the way – as if this exciting news wasn’t enough, Greg In Good Company will be releasing a new single, “Monster’s Lair,” later this month. We’re told that it was inspired by the original Netflix series “Stranger Things,” so you can expect that ‘80s sci-fi sound. We. Can’t. Wait.


Can We Make This Any Louder? Artist Spotlight: The Evening Shades

Familiarity of a home grown band, with the polish of something much bigger

The Evening Shades bring a playful wit to their lyrics, use subtle vocal manipulation to add texture to their songs, and clearly draw from various musical influences.

Can We Make This Any Louder – This quasi-ballad from The Evening Shades captures the listener’s attention with a unique structure and clever variances in tempo. The band masters the art of musical drama when the haunting guitar picking is interrupted by a climactic upswing, immediately followed by an abrupt re-transitioning breakdown. This is a song that begs to be played at a live venue. Funnily enough, I was so taken by this song that I started it from the beginning every time it ended because each time I heard something new and interesting. What I missed by doing that for the first few play-throughs was the candid recording of one of the band members musing “I think that’s the one,” a few seconds after the final notes die out. I, too, think this is the one.

Can’t Afford to Die – A dynamic vocal performance riddled with inflections reminiscent of Bradley Nowell, Billie Joe, and Hendrix (but still largely Thales) guides this display of spirited defiance. Just when the song seems to close it comes back to life, eventually pulling in the bass as the song’s heartbeat – a clever symbolic tie-in to the message of the song. Or am I looking too far into things, again?

Other notable tracks include Here and Now & It’s All About You. This is a band I’d love to see live.

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