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Unauthorized use and/or duplication of any written material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Jackie Thompson (Owner) and JaxxShack (Blog) with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Content Ownership

Jackie Thompson and JaxxShack do NOT own any media provided by the Spotlight Artists. All Spotlight Artists and/or their representatives have given express written consent to JaxxShack to use all media including, but not limited to, images, music, and videos for Blog purposes.

All media displayed has been sourced and embedded from public sources (ie. YouTube) for entertainment purposes only. This content will be removed immediately upon owner request should it violate ownership regulations. JaxxShack does not host any of the embedded videos, and links to content uploaded to online video hosting website YouTube. The Blog links to the hosting webpage through an embed code. JaxxShack and Jackie Thompson cannot be held liable for content uploaded by members of a 3rd parties’ websites. All links contained within this site are hosted elsewhere, and the appropriate media file owners/hosters must be contacted should they violate any legal specifications.

All photos have been sourced through Creative Commons, and do not violate ownership terms. Photo credit is applied where necessary.

Written content, as stated above, is owned by Jackie Thompson and JaxxShack. All content has been written by the Owner unless otherwise stated through accurate and lawful credit.

Limitation of Liability

This blog is not liable for any errors or omissions of any nature. Additionally, it disclaims liability for any offensive, legally protected, or inappropriate content posted within the user generated content (comments section) of the Blog.

Jackie Thompson does not promise or guarantee any specified level of exposure, promotion, result, or amplified success from showcasing any artist’s images, videos, or music. The Owner is not liable for losses or damages to artists related or not related to the Blog.

The Owner is not responsible for the content on any website that JaxxShack links to. After leaving the Blog, the Terms and Conditions of the linked website apply to the user.

Privacy Policy

By submitting any material to the Owner or Blog through webforms or email, the material owner provides written consent to the Owner to use the information for JaxxShack only, in an Artist Spotlight article, or in another directly specified manner. Additionally, any material submitted must be, and will be considered to be, property of the submitter. Any material or information (email address, phone number, etc) received will be used for Blog purposes, and will not be transferred or sold to third-parties. Submission of material does not transfer ownership to Jackie Thompson or JaxxShack, and ownership is retained by the submitter.

The Owner does not currently, but reserves the right to, use third-party advertising companies to provide ads to the Blog. These companies will not use your personal information (name, email address, phone number) for any reason, but will use browsing habits (cookies) to provide advertisements specific to you.

Code of Conduct & Termination

By visiting JaxxShack you are bound to the Blog’s Code of Conduct.

The Blog holds full rights to block followers and delete comments that do not adhere to the blog Terms and Conditions. Abusive, unlawful, inappropriate, and offensive language will not be tolerated.

Difference of opinion is welcome, but must remain respectful. Any targeted offensive comments will result in comment deletion or a blocked account.

Governing Law

JaxxShack is operating out of and abides by the law of New York, United States of America.